8 ways to build your future starting today

Thursday evening. I’m taking the same old tram downtown.

A new 5MS event, “Build your future”, was about to go down.

I’ve got plenty of caps in the event industry as an attendee, but I’m also slowly increasing the number of my public speeches, at such events.

“I want to see people let their words come out, being brave and all”, I thought.

This is what 5MS (5 minute speeches) is all about, to have the courage to step in front, and speak your message out loud. This will in turn make you more confident to tackle your problems.

Who knows? You might even enjoy the spotlight, and decide to become a public speaker.

You don’t have to tone down your message based on what other people think. Speaking at 5MS is the perfect place to do that.

So what’s holding you back from spreading your message to the world?


1. Discipline beats willpower

“We already have what we need,

Your top 3 qualities will help you succeed,

But if you want to top your speed

You’d better install a new habit and a creed.”

A master of productivity, Robin Sharma tells us that we no longer need willpower to achieve something, if we have discipline.

It takes up to 66 days to install a new habit, but after you did it, you’ll no longer have to rely on willpower to get things done.


2.We rise by helping others

“Even though I have to live with things imposed on me

I can still pull a fast one on society,

Because I’m going to live for others and not just for me.”

The YOLO acronym stands for “you only live once”, or so they say. But, upon hearing one of the speeches that night, I found out a new way of looking at it.

“You Only Live for Others,” said the speaker.

We rise by helping others. It should be a no-brainer by now.

Bryan Tracy says that we are going to achieve success when we have helped enough people get what they want.

So, start by paying more attention to the people around you, and their needs. Not only will you be in service of others, and that’s one hell of a purpose to have, but as Robin Sharma puts it, we can learn something from every person we encounter.

Those valuable insights will get us closer to the realization of our dreams.


3. Consciously design your life

Another message that struck a chord in me was one about life and choices.

“How do I want my life to be?” she inquired.

Going from a 12 years long relationship to a steep halt had saddened her deeply. She had no control over her life, she was a total mess.

But, three years into NLP and personal development have turned her life for the better.

Her speech won first place that night.

The key takeaway here is to be aware of the responsibility you hold over your life, and therefore make conscious decisions about it.


4. People are your propulsion

“What’s a bird going to do without its wings?” asked the next speaker. “The sky is not going to close the distance.”

We all have wings. These are made from the people around us. Without them, we have nothing.

So, powerful idea here. People are the architects of our wings.


5. Become a graduate in sacrifice

“Building your future requires sacrifice,

To make your mark in the game of life,

So design it carefully, do enjoy the strife,

For it breathes the love we can share tonight.”

The only way to turn sacrifice into love is to see it as a joy, and share it as well.

This reminds me of another speech I heard, at a previous 5MS event. The speaker said that sacrificing her free time for her children made her really happy. All her sacrifice became the stepping stone for her children’s performance.


6. Perseverance is key

“Success lies in the ambition to not give up,” said another speaker.

This can amount to the courage needed to take a plunge into the unknown, just like he did when he got into volunteering. Starting off as the shiest in his class, he is now an active volunteer, with a lot of friends that came to root for him, at this event.


7. Success is hard to achieve nowadays

These words fill me with joy. I’ve been at many events and still have a lot to learn.

Haven’t you ever felt like the more you know the less you know actually? Why is that?

The corridor for success is ever narrowing.

What we have to do is to stay grounded in the present, continue to fight for our dream, and a heartfelt thank you.


8. Remain positive

Looking at this event from a temporal perspective I can safely say that if you want to build your future, it’s important to start by appreciating the present time.

Jack Canfield, renowned author and motivational speaker, says it best: Focus on the positive zone of your life, your accomplishments so far, even though you may not have achieved everything you wanted.

Let me tell you a quick story about this, and what I learned from it.

I had a crush on a girl several years back. I couldn’t see anything but her, and, at the time I finally confessed my love and was waiting for reciprocity, she only nodded her head in rejection. It was painstakingly hard to accept a mere non-verbal response, and to move on, but eventually I did. And life rewarded me with a brilliant idea – the Angel Afterlife book series I began writing right after that experience.

So, be mindful of your success before you think of your areas of regress.

Before I wrap this up, I want to thank you for your attention, and willingness to have read so far.

You are amazing, because the attention span today has dropped significantly. It makes me happy to see that you have made it here, and also ask you this:

What is YOUR way of building the future? Please leave a comment below, so that others can be inspired by it.


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